Your perfume is like an entity that I cannot describe

A sort of illegal drug I inhale, giving off a rebellious vibe

I wish you were with me,

For now I am lost,

But in the meadow I see a bloom of life and love; an ale cost.

It is summer now, your memory fades

Your absence killing me like a thousand blades.

How I wish I could go back to those days

Where your words were like poetry, a melodic phase.

I sit here, on my windowsill, the lights, the sun, everything still.

My life becoming a roller coaster in which it only goes downhill.

Do I take the pills? Do I end it now?

I need to find an escape, a light somehow.

I don’t know how to live, my world’s turned upside down

People run over me like I’m some type of playground.

I miss your perfume,

and the way you taste.

Your presence always left a comforting aftertaste.

I miss you now,

more than ever,

I beg of you, be with me now, forever!

I miss you like I miss your perfume,


Nom de plume


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