DiBella Law Offices Scholarship 2017

As a Muslim woman who’s been the victim of racial discrimination and bullying, I hope to utilize this scholarship so a window is opened for me, allowing me to obtain opportunities to uncover the blanket of the mass media, revealing the oppression and social discrimination citizens face in the oppressed nations, conflicts such as: women being raped, children limited from education due to either the schools being bombed, their homes being barricaded by anti Islamic terrorist groups, or simply because their parents don’t have the money, and social unrest. As a public speaker, regular host, co-host, and guest speaker on Velayat TV USA, a Muslim networking channel,  I hope to finally become the voice of justice for those millions who seek it by the use of this scholarship.

Millions of young adults and children dream about the prospect and blessing of obtaining a higher education and gaining the skills needed to flourish. I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue my passions over the past twelve years and wish to continue fulfilling ambitions in the years to come. By attending college, I am provided with life lessons and courses from individuals who have studied these subjects in immense detail allowing me to gain a better understanding on certain topics. I am genuinely ecstatic to learn more about the subject I am passionate about in university. A college will open doors of opportunities to me, allowing me to experience the full essence of what my career in journalism will allow me to do for my community and society. By growing as a student and as a person in college I hope to travel the world, and convey the message of becoming a journalist, and becoming a voice to the innocent and oppressed.

A college education grants students like me an insight as to what a targeted career contains, and college is the first stepping stone in a hopefully very bright and meaningful future. Throughout my time in college, I hope to interact with reporters and travelers to learn about their journey and expeditions around the globe, and myself to visit places and cultures I’ve always wanted to see and experience. I have always felt that learning from others is one of the best ways to grow and I believe that attending college will assist me in establishing connections with professionals. Not only will I be bestowed the opportunity to gain so much from their experiences, but I can utilize this unique knowledge in leading my career to a more impactful and meaningful place. If I am honored enough to be a recipient of this scholarship, it can truly change my life and give me the ability to pursue a higher education. But more essential than that, is the fact that this scholarship can give me the tools to achieve more than I could have ever dreamed. College will provide me with a plethora of various mediums to use so I can experiment with my strengths to fortify and refine them while also identifying and improving upon my weaknesses. Attending college entails rigorous levels of academics which will prepare me for challenges, forcing me to exercise critical thinking in unique situations, and adapt critical skills in the journalism field.


For me, attending university is just one step in my journey. I will be able to focus on the passion that’s been my driving force since I gained an interest for writing and public speaking to make my mark on the world by focusing on becoming the hope for the hopeless. College is the time where I can show the world what my talents are. As said in the famous Broadway musical Hamilton, there’s a million things I haven’t done; just you wait.


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