Karbala: The Place of Sacrifice and Mercy

Around 1400 years ago, there was a man — a holy personality — who stood in front of an army of over 30,000 men, looking over the desert plains of Karbala with tears filled in his eyes.

He had given up everything he had; from the crack of dawn he watched as his brothers, his friends, his sons and his companions left the safety of their tents to sacrifice their lives from, and to sacrifice their lives for the message of Islam; a message that is still being carried out today; a message of peace brought forth to all of mankind.

He was a holy personality who had more than what a king nowadays would have; he was a man of dignity, he was a man of mercy, he was a man of blessings, he was a man of mercy. He and his brother were titled as the “Princes of Heaven”; his father knew all of the routes to Heaven, and had one of the strongest empires in the history of mankind; his grandfather is an individual who’s derived as one of the most intellectual beings on this Earth; and his mother, was a woman of esteemed modesty, purity, and morals.

These holy personalities, the family of the Prophet, are those individuals who have showed all of mankind what it means to be the servants of God.

However on the 10th of Muharram, that same individual by the name of Hussain stood, with absolutely nothing left but himself to fight for justice. He sacrificed his brother who was the bearer of the flag in his army; he sacrificed his nephews, whom fought bravely, but all that returned to the tents were their martyred bodies; he sacrificed his sons — an eighteen year old, and a six month old child — all for standing against injustice and inequality.

These events; these martyrs, are unlike anything no man has ever studied before.

A man who lost everything in a span of several hours, a man whose body was martyred in such a way that a would person would die of grief, that holy personality’s shrine stands as one of the most beautiful, and one of the most visited holy sites in history.

No palace, no house, no empire could ever beat the beauty the shrine of Hussain (pbuh). Because when you learn of his story, when you learn of his sacrifices, when you learn of what he has done for every single person, when you learn of what he has done for humanity; you become a part of it.

And you are welcomed; you are welcomed with open arms into that sanction of mercy.

You are welcomed into the area where no man’s prayers are left unanswered.

You are welcomed into the area where people will serve you as if you’re one of the most dignified creations of God.

You are showered with blessings; you are showered with good wises; you are showered with mercy as the silent body within that grave prays to God to grant you a life filled with nothing, but tranquility and prosperity.

Your heart breaks, but it swells with pride when you cross the threshold.

Your eyes fill with tears, they run down your cheeks, but your body doesn’t have the strength to wipe them away.

Your hands tremble as you tightly grab a hold of those golden bars, your lips uttering a mighty prayer as you pray for that holy personality to listen and accept.

You’re in an ethereal place; you’ve reached the land of safety; you’ve reached the land that is described as paradise on Earth.

Scientists, historians, philosophers have spent their entire lives studying and researching on how it’s possible that over four million people sacrifice everything they have to go and visit that holy place. They’ve had several unanswered questions that they desperately search for in the books.

But the only way you can have all your questions answered, is if you stand before that shrine.

For no man like Hussain (pbuh) will show you what it means on “how to achieve victory, whilst being silent and oppressed.”


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