Maybe it’s the way your stomach tightens at the delicious idea of the masterpiece that could be brewing behind those closed doors.

Maybe it’s the way your mouth waters as you envision that glorious platter placed before you, filled with such vivid colors, and such an extraordinary variety that you’re conflicted on where to start.

Maybe it’s the way your nose tingles in delight as that beautiful aroma instantly begins to calm you, but keeps your body on high alert as you slowly anticipate when the arrival is.

That sweet, angelic aroma, that velvety creamy texture melting upon the heat that encloses around it, it’s only a matter of time before the world is transformed into an ethereal gateway as all senses seem to vanish, but the taste remains everlasting.

Small ingredients, making up such a filling masterpiece, it’s hard to determine when it starts and when it ends; the only thing that matters is the relishing feeling you experience as you drown yourself into that taste of heaven.

Soft and moist; hard and crunchy; creamy and messy; warm and frigid; no matter the texture, the flavor, or the preparation; it leaves its audience content, and satisfied.


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  1. whatsittoya says:

    This post made me realize how amazing words can be to describe something so simple. Great description; it paints the picture of the word so well! I give 10/10 🍌’s

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