Majestic, Unstoppable, Victorious


A woman that is walking down the street, juggling her toddler in one arm, a bag of groceries in another, her cellphone pressed against her ear as she continues to make calls to reassure her boss that she’ll send the paperwork in by tomorrow.

She huffs in annoyance when her child’s whining becomes more persistent, but then the thought vanishes when she looks into its crystal clear eyes and sees the world, engraved in a tiny creation’s body.

She smiles softly, a smile that contains the love, care and protection of seven billion people, and gently places a kiss atop her child’s warm, soft forehead. The child immediately stops, revealing a beaming, toothy grin as its tiny arms wrap around its mother’s neck, her own encasing around his small back as she soothed it affectionately. She hurriedly makes her way through the bustling life of the city as the first drops of rains begin to fall.

Catching a cab is impossible at that hour, and so she opens her coat, shielding her child away from the cold and dampness of the haunting weather.

She rushes home, immediately throwing the door open, the sky decorated with dark haunting storm clouds which are inching closer and closer second by second. She places her child gently on the kitchen table and she gently teased about preparing a special meal for her partner in crime. She hurriedly makes something to eat, makes sure that her child is fed before quickly washing her child and tucking it in bed. She again leaves a soft, gentle kiss against its forehead as she whispers a gentle, motherly “good night” before switching the light off.

The heavy work of the day takes a toll on her body as she slumps against the couch, the laptop sitting in front of her blinking, alerting her that the day’s work isn’t quite finished. She gingerly picks it up, bags underneath her eyes as her tired fingers fly across the keyboard, before her eyes shut, and a peaceful slumber takes over her body.

That woman is unstoppable.

Along the same time, a man rushes through the crowd, a Bluetooth device stuck to his ear as he barks out orders, completely and utterly infuriated that he didn’t receive the files he was expecting from a said business partner. His grip on his coffee cup becoming so tight that his knuckles turn white.

Owning over several industries, becoming the CEO of some of the fastest and largely growing organizations, owning over millions of dollars, he walks like a majestic king into his building, his workers and assistants all quickly scurrying away as they allow him more room to maneuver.

His orders don’t stop, his attitude doesn’t change, but that all disappears when he closes his doors again that night, feeling nothing but complete loneliness. He may have everything of the world, but he has nothing that completes his.

That man can still be unstoppable. 

We are all supreme creatures of God created with such an amazing force of strength, that we have been deemed as unstoppable since the beginning of time, and we will continue to be unstoppable. 

No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, you are the image of courage, and a walking role model for every person that lays eyes on you.

For only you can be unstoppable.


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  1. A.H. says:

    Beautifully written

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