Crisis: The Daily Post


A simple six-lettered word, that leaves a powerful impact over an individual, hundreds of people, and even an entire nation.

The term ‘crisis’ has been labeled for many different scenarios, and sometimes, it is utilized for situations that are greatly tragic and abominable, and other situations that are confusing and unnecessary, but yet understandable. People around the globe, especially today, have different images and different meanings of a ‘crisis, but the three major ones that we all can agree on are: emotional, financial, and life.

These three types are linked together by a chain, which means that each even happens-not automatically-but gradually, and they can happen in any order that they want to; however, the results will always end up in the same.

Our generation today, is unfortunately going through all three of these things at the same time, but does it make us stronger than we appear to be? Maybe if we’re living on the west coast where we don’t necessarily have to worry about anything except the economy and who’s going to be the next president, but what about the people living on the east coast? These things sure happen every once in a while, but with our strong and determined mindset, we are able to conquer these situations without hesitation, but is it safe to say for the people who live in Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria etc.?

What starts off as an emotional crisis, which usually relates to cries of protest and demands of justice, slowly lead up to a financial crisis in which a certain group of people aren’t granted enough opportunities, which shortly then leads to a life crisis.

The term ‘crisis’ perfectly sums up our world today. The demand for peace and equality, the demand to lower gas prices and allow more job opportunities to open up, especially for the women seeing as they’re labeled as the “primary earners”, the dispute between the Republican and Democratic Parties as they try to seek out the next eligible, powerful leader of the United States. The constant battles being fought overseas, the constant bullets being fired, the death rates increasing like a wildfire both left and right.

We are in a tornado of calamities and it’s beginning to become more and more barbaric everyday. This doesn’t mean that this labels us as “weak” people. This only means that when we conquer this giant, haunting wave that is lurking above our heads, it will make us stronger than before.

Stand up like the majestic, powerful creation that God has created you as, and play your cards right for the world may be a land of opportunities, but every door leads to something unexpected.


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